Exciting News!!

We are overhauling this site to make it friendlier and to update current facts about titling and detitling mobile homes. As state requirements change we are adjusting to make sure we can meet the needs of mobile home owners looking to title, thumb transfer a title or de-title the home.



Mobile Home Title Services of TN is very proud to announce that we have added once again to our broad range of services. For a complete list refer to our services page.
We now include vehicle titling including repossession, doctor garage keepers lien a/k/a mechanics lien and abandoned vehicles.
Since we only service titles we stay up to date with new rules and regulations in the State of Tennessee along with the process. Our turnaround times are less than 45 days in most cases less than 30 days we can obtain a title in your name.
We look forward to assisting you with all of your title needs. Contact us today if you need a quote or just have any questions. We guarantee to return your call, e-mail or request within 24 hours of receipt.

Good News!

Tennessee now has a mobile home title services. I’m very glad to bring to you this service that searches VIN numbers and the HUD tag numbers to get you the information you need on the name that the title is in and what liens if any show with the State on the certificate of title.

Mobile Homes often have a title just like a car and if the State has a registered title it must be conveyed to the new owner upon the sale of the property.

We are knowledgeable on Affidavits of Affixation and other cures to perfect the certificate of title and liens on them.

Many lenders do not understand the importance of recording a home loan as a lien on the title. A Deed of Trust that has been recorded at the county Register of Deeds will not guarantee that the lien is of record on the certificate of title.

I know that you would use this service if you have any closing with a mobile home or a listing with a mobile home and need to confirm IF there is a title with the State and who’s name and any liens on that title I can help. I have over 5 years working on mobile home titles for Jack Case Wilson Title Associates and Resource Title of TN.

Please call or send a request today!

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