Manufactured Homes Affixed to Real Property

Affidavit of Affixation

As referenced in TN Code Annotated 55-3-138, erectile an affidavit of affixation is provided in the act which allows the legal ownership interest in the manufactured home to be recorded in the register of deeds office in the county in which the real property and manufactured home is located.

According to TN Code Annotated 55-1-105 manufactured homes are structures in sections 8 ft. or more in width or 40 ft. or more in length to be used as a dwelling. These homes are not required to be titled when affixed to real property.

De-title  Process

The owner may de-title a mobile home by surrendering the certificate of title; or titles if more than one unit or if a new home that has not been titled the certificate of origin or manufactured statement of origin for cancellation through their local county clerk or mailed directly to the Taxpayer and Vehicle Services Division.

Required documents to be submitted:

  • Certificate of Title or Certificate of Origin or Manufactured Statement of Origin.
  • Certified copy of deed or instrument of conveyance evidencing the real property.
  • Certified copy of the affidavit of affixation.

Once de-title process is completed by the Taxpayer and Vehicle Services Division, dosage notification will be made to the lienholder or owner by stamping the word DE-TITLE on the face of the certificate of title or titles for each unit, certificate of origin or manufacturer statement of origin and mailing or faxing it to the lienholder.

If your home was never titled then to DE-TITLE  could prove to be very stressful.