Modular home or manufactured home

Genuine modular homes don’t have a steel undercarriage supporting the floor system like on-frame modular homes or HUD-code manufactured homes. Genuine modular homes are stick-built homes constructed in a controlled environment and transported to the job site 90% to 95% completed.

All HUD-code manufactured homes have a steel undercarriage that supports each section. Once the section or sections have been transported to the customer’s site, find the wheels and axles are removed and the steel undercarriage is then supported by cinder blocks or steel piers. Manufactured homes generally come in single or two-section units. In certain parts of the country you can also find three and four-section units. A number of manufactured home builders do build two-story homes but this is not the norm and this type of construction is not available in most states.

 HUD TAGS are found outside of your home and are either red, sale green or silver. They will start with a three letter number and should never be removed, if repairs are made to the home the tags should be reattached to the outside of the home.