Lost Title Or Common Title Issues

In most states mobile home and manufactured homes are transferred from buyer to seller with a state issued form or Certifact of Title  called a title . Similar to a vehicle title. If the home is a single-wide then there will only be one title , viagra 60mg however if the home is a double-wide or triple-wide then more them one title could be accounted for. A Mobile Home Title will only be issued from the state in which the home resides. The title outlines pertinent information , help such as serial (VIN( number, store make ,model,year built , owners name and much more.It should be keept private and in a safe place .

Sometimes while investing or transferring titles you can run into several problems. Common issues range from the title being lost, the actual owner on the title not being present, to the current seller not yet putting the title in their name . Below are a few examples.

  • Lost Title, Correct Owner

If the seller is the legal owner but is unable to provide a title , there is a simple process to get a duplicate. There are just a few forms that need to be provided. You will need proof that he or she is owner , as well as a small fee . To see if any further steps are needed fell free to contact Leslie Nash (e-mail) leslie@mobilehometitleservices.com

  • No Title ,Incorrect Owner

Legally a buyer is not the true owner of a title until the title is registered into his or her name. When a buyer closes on a mobile home it is imperative that the title is transferred into their name .

  • Correct Title , Incorrect Owner

This can be a result of a few things . There could be a active lien on the title or possibly just a recording error . It is important to call the bank or loan service to check and confirm a balance on account. From here you we decide how to move forward accordingly .


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